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Why You Should Make a Checklist Before Moving House

Moving a home can be quite stressful and you must do it in a planned and systematic manner to reduce the anxiety and stress. Making a moving checklist can help to keep all details in order and allow you to check on them.

Last Minute Moving NYC a home becomes that much easier if you start the exercise by first going through every room in your home and the things in them. Sort these out into items that you do need to take with you, items that have outlived their usefulness or are too bulky to move, and things that can safely find their way into the garbage. You will be surprised how this can greatly reduce the things that you need to carry with you when you are moving home. Set up a garden sale for things you do not need anymore and see if you can profit from this.

Make a list of things that are to go in every room in your new home. You can then designate containers that you can use for each room. Make sure that these containers are properly labeled so that they are placed in the right room when they reach the new destination. You can even decide the sequence of unpacking and give containers priority numbers to help in the unpacking. Make sure that every box contains a full list of the items that you are going to store in them. This action can help you to pack things correctly and ensure that you do not miss out on anything.

If you do not have space immediately available in your new home for all the items you can make a separate list of items that you probably need to store till the requisite arrangements are made. It can always help to make duplicate copies of all lists and leave one such list in the packed boxes and carry one copy yourself while you accompany the movers to your new location.

Moving a home can also mean more than just shifting your worldly goods and the family. You will need to close bank accounts after opening new ones, pay off all utility bills in your old home, and may need to take action for leaving school and getting admission again for the children. You will need to inform the postal authorities and change addresses for all magazine and other subscriptions. Make a checklist of all these activities and tick them off one by one till you are down to the last item. Do this well befoe moving day, as it can save you a lot of tension and worry.

Making lists can be a tedious affair, but the simple act of writing them down often makes things clearer and easier to do, supervise and complete. Copies of such lists can also come in handy if there is an unfortunate event that causes you a loss of the goods you are transporting. You must ensure that your moving of goods is properly insured by the transporter or moving company you have selected for the work.