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Why Are People Scared of Their Dentist?

It has nothing to do with the dentist’s lack of education or good looks. Sometimes people are just plain scared of their dentist, There is such a thing as dental phobia, and there are many causes for it, but here are four main reasons people hate going to the dentist.

One of the biggest reason people hate the dentist, sedation dentist lancaster, is because of the needles that they use. Children are especially scared of needles, and they sometimes carry that fear all the way into adulthood. But, these days there are dentists that use minimally invasive techniques that do not require the aesthetics that are often injected into a patient’s mouth. The best dentists know how to talk to a patient before administering an injection and some of them are such experts, they can deliver the injection without the patient realizing it.

Another main reason people hate the dentist is that they fear the pain they will go through. Perhaps they had a bad experience and have not yet gotten over it. That is understandable. The teeth and gums are sensitive parts of the body and even the smallest pain can feel monumental. Great dentists know that proper pain management is a must, and they will discuss handling your pain with you in detail to put you at greater ease.

The third main reason people hate their dentist is simply that the anxiety that builds up before, during and even after a visit. Anxiety is that sense of dread that something horrible is going to happen but it occurs in the absence of any real, tangible threat.  It is not unusual to get nervous about a dental appointment but feeling full-blown anxiety can make the pain or the procedure itself so much worse. Sedation dentistry is great for people who are anxious.

The fourth main reason people hate the dentist is the drill. No one enjoys the sound or the thought of what it is doing when it is making that sound. It can be like fingernails on a chalkboard to many people. The sound of a drill also causes some people to feel so much anxiety that they have a panic attack. The reason is that by the time the drill comes out a patient is sitting back in the dental chair with the dentist working with them. There is no way to run so panic ensues.

Today’s dentistry is fortunately much more gentle than before. Novocaine injections have given way to swabs. The drills of today are also a lot quieter than the ones in the past. Sedation dentistry and good pain management from a top dentist can help ease fears and make a patient hate their dentist a lot less.

It has less to do with the dentist and more to do with the fear of what happens at a dentist’s office that causes hatred. If you have any of these fears, speak with your dentist to find ways to ease them so you can go back to liking your dentist.