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Tips On Commercial Door Maintenance And Repair

If you have a business, even though it’s in a safe part of town, one of the best ways you can protect it is with a steel roll-up door. These doors will take the full force of a hurricane, flying debris, and all that the thieves can throw at it while keeping your belongings safe inside. These roll-up commercial doors can be bought in nearly any size, shape or color that you desire, they can be manual or motorized, and even remote controlled if needed. They are probably one of the most secure and safe doors that a business can buy.

There Are Some Maintenance Tips You Should Follow

While it’s important to read all of your owner’s manual on how to take care of your roll up door, there are some basic maintenance tips you should follow. You should inspect your door for loose nuts and bolts periodically and tighten them accordingly. Look for any other loose parts and fix those as well.

You should also keep an eye on any rust, corrosion or wear. Rust should be stopped with a light sanding and some light machine oil if it’s a moving part. Anything else that gets rusty should be sanded and then painted with a good rust stop paint.

All of the wheels and their tracks should be wiped clean with a rag and then re-lubricated several times per year, including any chains, bearings, and other metal parts that move. While inspecting for rust, you should also make sure that the moving parts are aligned correctly as too.

If You’re Unfamiliar With The More Difficult Maintenance Get A Professional

Competent commercial door repair techs like garage door repair techs aren’t cheap, but neither are roll up doors. By doing a lot of the easy maintenance like cleaning, lubing and tightening on a regular basis you’ll save plenty of money for when the door needs the professional alignment or other more complicated service.

Some doors are spring loaded because of their weight, these need special attention from the technician. Depending on how heavy the door is, it may have a very strong assist spring that can be dangerous for the unknowledgeable business owner to work on. So if you notice that there are problems during your monthly inspections with the spring, it may be a good idea to call in a technician.

Finding A Good Technician Takes A Little Searching

Not just everybody is qualified to work on an overheard commercial door or a rolling steel door. The right person will have years of experience, real certification, and belong to several commercial door repair associations in good standing. They should prominently display these in their office and online as well, they’re important. They may even have a certificate from the manufacturer of your brand of door. Then, you should check some of their online reviews to make sure they take good care of their customers and have very few, or no complaints.

Once you’ve done your homework and found the right commercial door repair company, you should set them up for a yearly inspection. Then continue your own bi-monthly inspections as well, your door will last as long as the building around it when well cared for.